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Can I go along to the survey?

This is a very common question we get. The quick answer is yes, but wait until the surveyor has completed the survey.

The reason we ask you to wait until after the surveyor has completed the survey is that surveying a property takes a lot of focus and attention to detail. From the moment the surveyor walks up the property, they are already looking out for potential issues. They'll be observing the line of the roof, the walls, gutters, the condition of the gates etc. Then when they enter the property, it is the same thing.

During this time, they'll also be taking notes and pictures. Others will be dictating their notes into a dictaphone. Most surveyors even turn their phones on silent during a survey to avoid any distraction.

If you were to attend the property and walk around with the surveyor, there is the potential to distract them.

But, once the survey is complete and the surveyor has checked everything they need, they'll be able to give you a proper summary assessment and show you any serious issues found.

Surveyors are then to give you a professional opinion on the condition, so they are happy to spend time discussing the property with you and diving into any detail you need!


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