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Do I have to have a date arranged with the estate agent before booking a survey?

Updated: Jan 28

No, you do not have to arrange a date for the survey. The surveyor will confirm a date with the agent and we'll let you know the day and time as soon as we have it confirmed.

We understand just how busy you are. Sale Agreed is one of the most chaotic, busy and stressful times you'll ever go through. You're dealing with estate agents, banks, brokers, surveyors, solicitors and more.

Make sure you hire a surveyor will will arrange the survey date and time for you. You should not be stuck in the middle.
Buying a home can be a busy, stressful experience

So we try to take care of as much as possible and that includes arranging a day and time for the survey to take place.

After you book with we'll have a surveyor assigned within a few hours. They will then contact the estate agent to confirm a day and time that works. Our survey tracker will keep you updated at every single step along the way so you'll never need to go chasing us for updates.

Then with the quality and detail of our surveys and the experience of our surveyors, you'll have the information you need to buy with confidence.


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