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Do I need a survey on a new build?

Generally speaking a new build requires a snag list, not a full survey. As a new build should have a guarantee against the structure of the property, a full survey of the property is not normally required.

What is a snag list?

A snag list is where a professional inspects a new build before hand over. They make a list of all issues with the finish of the property. These might be scratched windows, missing door handles, unlabelled pipes or fuse boards, missing vent covers and lots, lots more.

The builder is then required to fix all of these issues before the property is handed over.

Although they are more rare, the surveyor conducting the snag list will also make note of any issues with building or fire regulations. This could be a missing fire doors, incorrect windows with no means of escape, missing smoke/CO2 detectors etc.

What are the situations where a survey would be required on a new build?

House has been build for a number of years: If the new build has actually been complete for a number of years, but never lived in. For example a property which has been used as a show house for a development for 2-3 years would have more than enough time for structural issues to start showing up.

Poor Builder Reputation: Unfortunately, there are a small number of builders around the country who have developed a poor reputation. If for any reason you are not confident that the builder has built the property to a high standard, a survey can be conducted which will give a closer look at the structure of the property which a snag list would not do.

Peace of Mind: Some people simply want the additional peace of mind which comes with a full survey. Even though you'll have a guarantee with a new build should any major issues arise in the first few years, it is still a hassle to deal with it and so a small number of new build buyers choose to get a full survey to give them that extra assurance.


If you are still unsure or you have any unique situation where you feel a survey may be needed for a new build, please feel free to reach out to us on and we'll do whatever we can to help!


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