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Updated: Mar 4, 2021

Last week, we were excited to be invited onto the Upstarts radio show on Dublin City FM to chat about and the work we are doing to make life a little easier and less stressful for house buyers.

If you don't know Upstarts, it's a 30-minute show hosted by Kelly and Alan who interview people about new innovative businesses or ideas. It's usually a really fun and informative listed, so we were more than delighted to jump on and have a chat!

We got to chat about the importance of a survey, how we ensure house buyers get the best surveyors possible, how we manage to offer the quickest turnaround time in Ireland, and about our podcast - The Get House Podcast!

Our segment starts about 11:50 into the episode, but if you have the time, listen to the full episode!

If you liked the show, be sure to check our Upstarts every Friday at 1:30 pm on Dublin City FM!

If you have just gone sale agreed and want to book your house survey with us, you can do so from the homepage....

If you are on the house buying journey and want to check out The Get House Podcast, all of the links to your player are here -->


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