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House Surveys Continuing Under Level 5 Restrictions

On October 22nd, Ireland will be moving to Level 5 of the government's "Living with Covid" plan for 6 weeks.

While in Level 5, only essential services will be permitted to continue operation. The government has classed construction (including services related to construction) as essential. This means that surveyors are permitted to continue working.

During Level 5 we will continue to take bookings and conduct house surveys with some precautions in place.

  • Surveyors will take any safety precautions necessary, including social distancing while in the property.

  • The surveyor will work with the estate agent to arrange an appropriate time to conduct the survey to ensure social distancing can be maintained.

  • Unfortunately, buyer visits to the site while the survey is being conducted may not be permitted. However, the surveyor will be available by phone or email to go through the survey and findings in detail.

  • Due to the added restrictions and complexity, turnaround times during Level 5 may be longer than normal. But we will keep you updated at every step of the way. Including letting you know the time and date the survey is booked for.

Our Commitment exists to remove some of the stress and waiting out of buying a home. We do this by offering the best house surveyors available and the quickest turnaround time in Ireland.

During level 5 we will do our utmost to continue to meet this commitment while ensuring we are adhering to government guidelines and considering the safety of everyone involved.

If you have any questions, please email us and we'll get right back to you!

To book a survey you can go here or click the button -->

To read the government guidelines on what is permitted during Level 5 you can go here -->


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