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Is there a public list of estates or developments impacted by Pyrite or Mica?

The quick answer here is no. There is no publicly available lists of estates, developments or addresses which have been impacted by Pyrite or Mica.

Why is there no official list of Pyrite/Mica impacted housing estates or developments?

The reason for this is due to a judge's decision back towards the beginning of the Pyrite crisis where it was decided that impacted addresses could not be published. This was so that nearby properties which are not impacted by Pyrite, would not inadvertently have their value affected just because they were near to a property/properties with issues.

Wasn't there a map showing the location of properties available?

Yes, this was a crowdsourced map which was published on Zeemaps and was live for a few years. However, as of writing this post, this map is no longer available.

What can I do to protect against buying a property which has high levels of Pyrite or Mica?

Your first step should be to have a structural survey conducted when you go sale agreed.

Although a structural survey is not a definitive test for Mica or Pyrite, the surveyor will be looking out for signs of defects which could potentially be caused by Pyrite in the foundation backfill or Mica in the blocks used.

If the surveyor does identify defects which could be a result of the above, they will flag this on their report and recommend further course of action. This would likely be to request a Pyrite or Mica test be carried out.

The surveyor will also know based on the year of construction and location (they can know the estates, they just can't publish them!) if there is an increased risk.

Sale Agreed and need to book a survey?

We'll let you buy with confidence! Just go to and click on Get Survey Now to book your survey.


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