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Top 3 Reasons to Replace the Locks in Your New Home

Being handed the keys and be able to step over the threshold to your new home is a major milestone in all our lives. Below are the top 3 reasons to consider getting those keys updated and locks changed.

1. That “Spare Key”

The keys to your new home may have passed through many hands before they got to you. Whether it’s the valuer, the previous owners / tenants, relatives, local handy-men, neighbours, painters, plumbers, electricians and their sub - contractors… lots of people have had those keys and have possibly copied them in the local hardware for convenience. Potentially they are sitting on a desk or in a van with the address tag attached to them too. It’s not that anyone is dishonest, but at the end of the day, do you really want a bunch of keys floating around in the hands of strangers?

2. Wear and Tear

We regular service our car or replace the tyres to keep ourselves and our families safe. Your locks are no different. Wear and tear happens and locks become less effective over time. You should regularly inspect home locks for damage and wear. If keys can be easily wiggled in the lock hole there is good reason to believe that the internals of the lock are failing. Also, be sure to check for rust on exterior locks, as excessive amounts could put them at risk of breaking. Check that you can’t easily unlock doors by shaking the door handle.

If your doors can be unlocked without the use of a key than it is definitely time for replacement! It is important to do everything you can to keep your home safe. The locks on your doors protect you and your family, so do your best to keep them in pristine condition.

3. Technology Advances

There have been huge advances on both sides of the security fence. Some intruders may be opportunistic, but others do their homework. If they have a choice between an old worn lock and a new advanced lock, they’ll nearly always choose the easier option as they don’t want a challenge. Intruders know older locks are an easier target and they have the tools to take advantage quickly. The best defence is to update to “high security anti–snap” locks with restricted key copying. This improves your overall security rating and acts as a deterrent for would be intruders.

If you do find your locks aren’t as secure as they could be consider upgrading to something safer.


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