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What is the Cost of a Structural Survey for an Apartment in Ireland?

A pre purchase structural survey for an apartment costs €599 including vat (€487+vat). This survey will give you a professional opinion on the condition of the apartment inside and out and comment on it's suitability for purchase.

It will also comment on whether or not the apartment has the property health and safety elements installed like smoke detectors and fire doors and whether or the common areas are suitable and in good condition. Your solicitor may also have some questions which the surveyor may be able to help with. For example, confirming if the apartment matches the map/floor plan provided by the vendor.

At, in most counties we have approximately a 1 week turnaround time from booking to receiving your written report. Our surveys are conducted by the best surveyors and engineers in the country, we are covered by appropriate PI Insurance and the standard of our surveys is industry leading.

To book your survey, just go to and click on Get Survey Now!


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