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Will the Surveyor give a BER Rating as part of the House Survey?

No, the vendor who is selling the property is required to get a BER cert for the property before it goes on sale.

However, although the surveyor does not conduct a BER rating and provide a cert, they will comment on many of the elements which contribute to a high or low BER Rating.

For example, the surveyor will comment on the level of insulation throughout the property including the attic insulation and the likely makeup of the insulation used in the external walls. They'll also comment on the condition of the windows and doors and highlight on the report if they feel these need repair or upgrading!

The surveyor will also comment on the visual condition of any boilers or heating systems and make recommendations on the need to service (if no service history is present) or if further inspection by a qualified RGI technician is recommended. You can read more about that on this blog.


For more information on BERs (Building Energy Ratings), check out our house buyer basics guide in Instagram!


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