How much does a Survey Cost? offer pre purchase Type 2 Property Surveys at a set price of €499 including VAT. For large properties, larger than 2,000 sq. ft, offer pre purchase Type 2 Property surveys for €599 including VAT. For new builds also offer a full snag list service for the €299 including VAT.

What is a House Survey?

A House Survey (sometimes called pre-purchase survey, building survey, structural survey etc.) is a visual inspection of the current condition of the property. At all our surveys are carried out by a qualified surveyors and gives your and your bank a great overview of the condition of the property, how much work will be needed. A house survey is usually a re-requisite for mortgage approval from your bank or financial institute.

What is in a Survey?

A Structural survey report is a:

  • ​5-15 page Report on the Condition of Property
  • ​Details all Structural and Finish Issues
  • May include Comments on Planning Matters and Conditions of Boundaries
  • A Comprehensive Report prepared by Experienced and Qualified Surveyors

How does the Process Work?

Once you complete the online form at, then we take care of everything else. 1: find the next available surveyor in your area (remember all of our surveyors have 10 years experience, registered with a governing body and have full professional indemnity insurance.) 2: Our surveyor contacts the estate agent (or private seller) to arrange access to the property. Once this is done they'll update you via email. 3: Our surveyor visits the property, conducts the survey and then within 48 hours will email you the completed document and send you a copy of the report.

Are your Surveyors Qualified?

Yes. All of our surveyors have at least 10 years experience, are registered with a governinng body and hold professional indemnity insurance. Surveyors can come from a number of fields which include, architects, quantity surveyors and engineers.

What if I have Questions about my Survey?

Then is here for you. You will have the contact details of the surveyor who conducted your survey and they are available to take calls or answer your questions by email.

Will the Survey meet my Bank's needs to get a Mortgage?

Yes. Our surveys are specifically design for pre purchase needs and meet the requirements of all banks and financial instituitions in Ireland.

What Counties do you Cover? currently cover all areas in:

  • Co. Dublin
  • Co. Carlow
  • Co. Cavan
  • Co. Cork
  • Co. Clare
  • Co. Galway
  • Co. Kerry (new)
  • Co. Kildare
  • Co. Kilkenny (new)
  • Co. Laois
  • Co. Longford
  • Co. Louth
  • Co. Mayo
  • Co. Meath
  • Co. Offaly
  • Co. Roscommon
  • Co. Tipperary (new)
  • Co. Waterford (new)
  • Co. Westmeath
  • Co. Wexford
  • Co. Wicklow

What Type of Report do I need for a Second Hand House / Property?

The GetHouseSurvey.ieStructural Survey Report is ideal for anyone looking to buy a second hand property. Whether it is for peace of mind or mortgage approval, this report will meet your needs.

What Type of Report do I need for a New House / Property?

A snag list is more appropriate for a new build. Get HouseSurvey can provide an experienced and qualified surveyor to conduct snag lists on your property.

Do your Surveyors carry Professional Idemnity (PI) Insurance?

All Surveyors are fully qualified, with at least 10 years expereince and carry professional indemnity (PI) insurance.

What is the difference between a Red Book Valuation and a Refresh / AMV Valuation?

All surveys are carried out by professional valuation experts. However, the Red Book Valuation is a much more comprehensive in-depth analysis of the properties current state and worth, for example: 1. It will produce an accurate market valuation for the property and not one generally inflated by agents just to get your business. 2. It will show up any issues that might need attention prior to going to market. 3. It will look at any planning issues with the property and advise accordingly. 4. It will look at the costs associated with rectifying problems pertaining to a particular property. 5. The Red Book valuation is the gold standard, it ensures consistency of valuation practice, and imposes strict ethical guidelines.