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What is a Land Registry Compliant Map?

A Land Registry Compliant Map is an official map that is marked up to specify the exact location of Freehold or Leasehold property. The map must meet the specific requirements of the Property Registration Authority (PRA) before it can be accepted for Land Registration purposes.


These maps can be used for:

  • First Registrations

  • Register Rights over Registered Property

Who needs a Land Registry Compliant Map?

If you are selling your property your solicitor will ask you for a "Land Reg Map" or "Land Registry Compliant Map", which is necessary for the conveyance. Title documents are registered in the Land Registry or Registry of Deeds and are both under the management of the Property Registration Authority (PRA). If the property you own is not registered, then you will be required to provide a suitable Land Registry Compliant map.

Right-of-Way & Easements will also be shown and are a legal requirement if you wish to maintain access to your land through land owned by others. You must register;  Rights of Way, Wayleaves, Wells, Pipes, etc

Who Needs a Land Registry Map

& Floor Plan?

If you are selling a flat, apartment, duplex or Retail unit and you do not have a PRA approved developers design drawing for the appropriate floor level, then you will also require a Floor Plan drawn to scale and marked up to meet the specific requirements of the PRA.


A floor plan is not required for a single-dwelling house / property or non multi-unit dwelling.

What We Will Provide

  • Original OSi ITM coordinate "Land Registry Compliant Map" 

  • Official Map issued in paper format

    • No digital CAD files

  • Floor plan to support the registration of a flat, apartment, floor or retail unit etc if required




Provide Details and Pay Online


Our Surveyor will Contact You and will Arrange to Visit the Property if required


The Surveyor will produce a Land Registry Compliant Map for a House, as well as a Floor Plan for an Apartment


You will be provided with the Official Documentation in the Post to Meet your Needs

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We need to know what type of land registry map will you need

Land Registry Compliant Maps

€399 including VAT

  • Marked up maps for registration are available


  • OSi ITM Land Registry Compliant Map with the boundary outlined​


  • Official Land Registry Map issued by post


  • Turnaround time 3 business days​​​

Land Registry Map &

Floor Plan for Apartments

€599 including VAT

  • Floor Plan with the apartment outlined and identified​

  • OSi ITM Land Registry Compliant Map with the building outlined​

  • Package includes both map and floor plan​

  • Official Documents are issued by post

  • Turnaround time 7 business days


Still unsure what map type is right for you or have a question?


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