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Can I snag a new build without electricity and water?

Over the last few months, it has become more and more common for builders to ask buyers to have property snagged before electricity, water or both have been connected. We believe this is an unprofessional request that puts unnecessary pressure on buyers. Especially those who are under pressure to have their new home ready.

While technically yes, you can have an incomplete property snagged, we strongly recommend against it for several reasons.

There are dozens of issues that the surveyor conducting the snag can not check for without power and water. This may include low pressure in a shower or tap, a light switch that turns on the wrong light, an extractor fan that does not work and lots lots more.

Because there is so much which can not be checked, having the property snagged in this condition guarantees you'll need to pay for a second snag after they are connected. In for example the first snag on a fully complete property only identifies a few small cosmetic issues, you may not need a second snag to be complete. But if power and electricity is not on for the first snagging. They you definitely will.

How to deal with a request to snag a property before power and water are connected?

If a builder or agent requests or even insists on you to complete a snag before power and/or water is connected, simply say "No. I'll have the house snagged when it is complete and ready for snagging. Please let me know when the power and/or water is connected and I will arrange the snag list for then.

You are paying a huge amount of money for the property. You have contracts in place protecting you. Ensure the builder has the property fully complete you conduct a snag list.

If you are in any doubt or if there are any unusual circumstances, please feel free to reach out to us on and we'll do everything we can to help. We are always happy to offer tips or advice, whether or not you book your snag list with us!

If you do want to book a snag list with, simply visit our website, click on the snag list option to book and we'll take care of everything else from there!


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