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Why book your survey with

At our goal is to help you buy with confidence. We do this through the following:

  1. The most detailed surveys in the Irish Market

  2. Experienced, Qualified and Insured Surveyors

  3. Unbeatable Customer Service

Through these 3 key features, we can ensure we are the best in the market.

Detailed Surveys

Our surveys exceed the most common standards used in Ireland and are specifically designed for people buying second hand properties.

When you receive your complete written report, any issues/defects identified will have an image, a clear description and a Condition Rating from 1-3 (with 3 being the most serious). This means you'll have a clear picture of the condition of the property along wit

To see a full list of everything included in a survey and to read a sample survey, check out this page --> What is included in a survey?

Our Surveyors

All surveyors are qualified to conduct residential survey, registered with a governing body, insured with appropriate PI Insurance and most importantly EXPERIENCED with residential pre purchase surveys.

They know what is important for buyers and they understand what you are going through in the house buying journey.

Customer Support

We are here when you need us. Our support team is available by phone, live chat, email, social media or wherever you like to chat!

We are available 7 days to answer any questions you have and we don't measure our success based on how fast we get rid of you, we measure our success based on how happy you are after speaking with us.


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