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Can I use my survey to renegotiate the price?

The short answer here is yes. If something is discovered in the survey which would cost money to repair or remedy, you can go back to the seller or their agent, explain the findings and make a new offer.

But there are a few things to be aware of!

When you placed your offer which was accepted to bring you to sale agreed, you may have only had one or two short viewings of the property. It's only when you get your survey that you have a full picture of the condition of the property and a list of any issues you may not have spotted yourself.

If for example, the Surveyor flags that the roof is in a dangerous condition and will need to be replaced. You may decide to pull out of the sale, but if the house is otherwise perfect for you, you might want to continue with the sale but have the cost of the new roof taken off the price.

This is when you can go back to the agent, explain the findings and make your new offer. The agent will go to the seller and the seller can either accept, meet you halfway or choose not to negotiate.

There may be other issues that may make you want to pull out of the sale. For example, the surveyor could identify a potentially serious structural issue with the foundations which you may not want to take on. In that case, you let the agent know you are pulling out of the sale and you'll get your booking deposit back.

That's partly why House Surveys/Pre-purchase Surveys/Building Reports/ Structural Surveys exist, to give you a full picture of the condition so that you can make an informed decision!

Whatever you decide, remember to communicate clearly your intentions with the agent and to keep your solicitor update with your plans!


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