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Do I Need a House Survey on a New Build?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

In 95% of cases, a new build will require just a snag list and not a full house survey (aka structural survey, building survey etc.).

This is because when a house is newly built, it is highly unlikely that any structural defects or issues would have time to show up and most of these should be covered by the guarantee scheme from the builders.

There are however some cases where a pre-purchase house survey may be recommended.

For example, last year a client of ours purchased the show house for a new development. The house had been built for about 3 years, has gone through a few rounds of redecorating and had thousands of people through it.

In this case, the house has been built for long enough so that some structural issues may have had time to show up and because of the number of people who had been through the property on viewings, there was a high chance of any conditional issues or wear and tear issues showing up.

However, this cases is rare and if your house has just been made available for snagging, it is likely you will just need a snag list.

If you are in any doubt, just drop us an email on with the details and we'll advise.

Our price is €369 and all snag lists are conducted by qualified, insured and experienced surveyors or engineers.

Our turnaround time for snags is about 5-6 business days on average and so usually when the builders lets you know when the property is ready, you will have plenty of time!

To book a snag list, just fill out this form and complete the payment. We'll have a surveyor assigned within a few hours and then we will take care of everything else and keep you updated at every step of the process!


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