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Do I need a Pre-Purchase Survey on an Apartment?

Yes! Just like buying a house, apartments can also have issues of which you need to be aware! The surveys conducted by are appropriate for all second-hand residential properties, including apartments.

There are a few differences between a house and apartment survey, but the core of what is being checked is the same. The surveyor will be checking the overall condition of the property and providing a written report so that you can make an informed decision on continuing with the sale or not.

For apartments specifically, the surveyor will also check common areas like hallways and flag any concerns they have.

For fire safety, the surveyors will flag if they have any concerns (missing smoke detectors, fire doors etc.) but the overall fire safety certificate for the building should be provided by the vendor's solicitor to your solicitor. If the building does not have this, then your solicitor will raise this as a concern.

If you have any specific questions, just email or to book your survey, just go to and click on "Get Survey Now". Our average turnaround time is around 5 business days.


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