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First Time Buyers Ireland (The OG) Partnership

The team at are very pleased to announce we've joined the new Trusted Partner program for the First Time Buyers Ireland (The OG) Facebook group.

The group was launched several years ago by Chrissy Hughes while she was struggling to find information and support when she was on her own First Time Buyer Journey. We interviewed Chrissy about that Journey on The Get House Podcast and you can find that episode here.

Since its launch, it has grown to have over 10k members and is the go-to online resource for people on the house buying journey in Ireland where questions are answered by both experts and people who have been on the journey themselves.

We are very excited to become a Trusted Partner for House Surveys along with Finance One (Mortgage Broker), (Insurance Broker) and Parker Law Solicitors (Conveyancing Solicitor).

You'll see our co-founder Noel and our Customer Growth Manager Emma commenting away in the group wherever we can help out!

If you are a first time buyer and looking for support and information to help you along your journey, you can join the First Time Buyers Ireland (The OG) group here.


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