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With the growing team of surveyors on the Get House Survey team we are now happy to announce we are offering our services in the Rebel County, Co. Cork. That now means that we now offer services in 15 counties across Ireland:

  • Co. Cork (New)

  • Co. Galway

  • Co. Mayo

  • Co. Roscommon

  • Co. Clare

  • Co. Dublin

  • Co. Kildare

  • Co. Wicklow

  • Co. Wexford

  • Co. Meath

  • Co. Westmeath

  • Co. Laois

  • Co. Louth

  • Co. Offaly

  • Co. Carlow

If you need a property survey in any of these counties please complete the form to contact us today.

Alternatively if you are a chartered Surveyor and would like to join our panel for any county, then please contact me directly at


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