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Is a survey from 5 years ago still valid today?

We recently received this query:

"We're switching mortgage providers and the new bank is requesting a structural survey. If we had one completed 5 years ago when we purchased, is that still valid?

The quick answer to this one is "no". Five years is more than enough time for new structural issues to show up and the for the condition of the property to drastically change. There may also be alterations to the property which would change the surveyor's advice on planning requirements.

Because of this, no surveyor can say that a survey they conducted 5 years ago is still their opinion without reinspecting the property and conducting a fresh survey.

You can think of a survey as a snapshot in time. Everything that is contained in it is based on the opinion of the surveyor at the time of inspection. If you fast forward 5 years, some elements of it may be exactly the same, but other parts may have more wear and tear due to normal usage or poor maintenance, and the structure of it may also have changed in condition.

If you are in this situation of remortgaging or changing mortgage provider, you can of course submit your old survey to the bank. But it is likely they will ask for a more recent survey to be conducted.


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