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Is there a legal requirement to get a structural survey before buying a house?

No. A survey is not a legal requirement for a house sale to be complete.

There may be some cases where your bank will request a survey before they release a mortgage or your solicitor may have some questions which they need a surveyor's opinion on before they can qualify the title, but outside of that, there is no requirement at all for you to have a survey complete.

The due diligence is entirely yours to complete when buying a home. Although a survey is not a legal requirement, it is one of the best ways to protect yourself.
There is no law requiring you to have a survey complete before buying a house

Does the seller have to provide a survey?

No. In some countries there is a legal requirement for a "Seller's survey" which must be complete before a house is listed for sale and provided to any interested parties. However, no such legal requirement exists in Ireland and so it is very much "let the buyer beware".

Then why should I book a survey?

Well, a house is the biggest purchase most people will ever make and in Ireland, when you buy a second hand property it is yours, and in the exact condition you bought it. So if after 2 months (or even 2 days) you discover a serious structural issues, you have no legal comeback and the issues and cost are yours to deal with.

So why take the risk? Hiring a professional is the best way to reduce the risk of buying a property with major issues.

At Get House Survey, our goal is to help you buy with confidence. Our survey format is the most detailed in Ireland and our surveyors are looking out for everything from structural defects to issues caused by poor maintenance and general wear and tear.

To book your survey, just go to and click on "Get Survey Now".


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