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New Builds or Second Hand?

What property is best for you?

This is a question that every first-time buyer will have to face. Do we go with a second-hand property, packed full of character and in an established neighbourhood? Or do we go with a brand new, modern, energy-efficient new build?

There are definitely pros and cons to each!

Second-hand properties will generally be less energy efficient (unless one of the previous owners has recently retrofitted it). But the great thing about a new build, especially one which has been well taken care of, is that you are buying a home in an established neighbourhood, filled with character and generally closer to established amenities like town centres, bus routes etc.

The great thing about a new build is you are buying a blank canvas. One that is ready for you to put your stamp onto. Thank's to recent government regulations, new builds are now also incredibly energy efficient and most come with an A rates BER and so are a lot cheaper to run.

The drawback of new homes is that most have smaller back gardens and driveways and are generally further away from established amenities. Also, when you are moving into a brand new estate, you don't quite know what kind of neighbourhood it will become. Are you a single couple with no plans to have kids, but the estate is full of young families?

But the biggest advantage to a new build for most first-time buyers is likely the ability to avail of the Help-to-Bug scheme where you can get up to €30k tax back which can be used against the deposit. This helps a lot of people get over the line and so a new build may be their only choice!

Whatever you choose will come down to your own personal preference, and your finances. But, make sure you do a ton of research. If you are buying a home it should be like a second job. Spend your evenings doing research, visit the estate at the weekend, grab a coffee nearby, or even pay a visit to the local!

After you have made your choice and with gone sale agreed on a second-hand property or the builder has told you it the new build will be ready for snagging soon, make sure your hire a professional surveyor for either a snag list or house survey!

To book with us, just go to and click on "Get Survey Now".


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