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Our Surveys are Designed Specifically for Buyers!

Did you know that not all surveys are the same? I recently spoke with a customer who hired us to conduct a SECOND survey on a house she was buying...

The reason she needed a second survey was because the first survey she had complete by an experienced Engineer had caused her bank to think the house was in terrible condition and requested her to get quotes for over 20 items listed on the report. They then wanted to ensure she had funds to cover those items.

In reality, the house was in reasonably good condition for a 100 year old house. It had some defects, like all second had properties do, but none were serious enough to warrant pulling out of the sale.

The survey she originally had conducted produced a simple list of all defects in the property.

However, it was just a list without much detail and there was no mention of how severe each defect was.

Although the survey was technically correct (they were defects), the written report itself took no account that this survey was for someone buying a home and as a result cased confusion with the bank and worry for the buyer.

We were able to step in, conduct our survey and once the bank seen our survey, the level of detail and explanation of each defect, the customer was able to drawdown and buy their home!

So why is a survey better for home buyers?

When we designed our surveys, we designed them specifically with home buyers in mind. How the survey is produced takes into account a home buyer's needs, the home buying process they are going through, the type of queries we often see.

So in addition to the most detailed survey available to home buyers in Ireland, you are also getting a service tailored specifically for someone on the home buying journey that will meet your needs before you even know you need them!

Each defect listed in our reports has a Condition Rating

Every issue or defect identified in our reports has a Condition Rating from 1 to 3 with "Condition Rating 3" being the most urgent or serious. These items might be serious structural issues, costly issues to deal with, health and safety issues or building regulation issues.

This means when you receive your complete survey, you'll know straight away which issues you need to worry about and which issues are less serious.

Every area checked by a surveyor gets a "Condition Rating" from 1 to 3 with 3 being the worst.
Example of Condition Rating 3 for Roof Coverings on a 3 Bed Semi Detached House

In addition to giving you this clarity, it also means that if your bank do request a structural survey (in approx 15-20% of cases), they will know that even though a defect is listed, it does not mean the house is not suitable for habitation or not structurally sound. This means you are less likely to run into long back and forth conversations with your bank.

We have a dedicated section in the survey for items to be flagged with your Solicitor

During the survey, the surveyor will be attempting to identify an alterations to the property like extensions, conversions, porches etc.

They will then record these in the written report with a note recommending which type of certificate your solicitor should request from the vendor. For example, this could be a Certificate of Exemption from Planning in the case of a small rear extension, or a Certificate of Compliance with Planning for a full side extension.

They surveyor will also flag any other potential legal issues they identify.

Our surveys have a dedicated section for notes for your solicitor. This cuts down on back and forth questions and delays.
Section L1 from a Survey Advising Solicitor to request certs for 2 alterations to the property.

Having this dedicated section for your solicitor means that there is less back and forth communications later in the process saving the buyer and solicitor a lot of work and delays!

A Survey Tracker to keep you Updated!

From the moment you book, our survey tracker will keep you updated by email and WhatsApp at each step.

We'll let you know when your survey is assigned to one of our surveyors, the day & time the survey is booked for and when the complete survey is available for download.

The survey tracker keeps you updated at every step. It's designed so that you'll never need to spend time chasing updates and instead can focus on the other parts of Sale Agreed.
Screenshots of the Survey Tracker

This means you never need to chase us for updates and you can focus on the rest of the Sale Agreed process!

7 Day Support

You're trying to manage the purchase of a property while still working full time... It's HARD WORK!

So although our surveyors conduct surveys Monday to Friday, we always have someone on our support team on hand to answer any questions you have 7 days a week, 16 hours per day. This means you are never going to be waiting long on a response to any queries you have.

So whenever you have a questions, we're on hand to help!


Sale Agreed and Need a Survey?

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