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So you've decided to buy, but who should you speak to first?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Being a first time buyer is a massively daunting experience.

Knowing where to begin the whole process is nothing short of overwhelming, but there's one place you can start that will definitely calm the waters!

While a Mortgage Broker might not be the first person you think of when considering buying a house, they are definitely the first person you should speak to.

Whether you're two years from buying a home or 6 months, a broker will get you in the right frame of mind that you need to be in to make that leap and help you get a plan in place.

Your broker has your best interests in mind, they have allegiance to any particular bank or building society, they will do their best to get you the best deal available but their main focus is getting your mortgage approved.

They will look at your earning and your savings while also delving into your outgoings and spending. They're not here to judge, they will simply get you on the right track to getting you your very first home.

They'll help make the whole process smoother so that when the time comes to start applying for your mortgage you will be in the best position to be approved.

So whatever stage you're at in your home buying journey, chat to a broker and you'll be on the right track to owning your very first home.

Over the past few years we have met and chatted to some of the best and nicest brokers in the business so I have included their details below.

Cian Carolan - Finance One

Instagam - @ciancarolanmortgages

Phone: 01-6471200

Email: Address:

8 Windsor Place

Lower Pembroke Street,

Dublin 2, D02 XE04

Enda O'Toole - G&E Mortgages

Phone: 01-4627222


Unit 6d Old Bawn Road,



Dublin 24,


Eoin O'Connor - Finance Solutions

Instagram - @the_mortgage.guy

Phone: 01 610 8884




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