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The Get House Podcast - Home Buyer Journey - Solo Buyer with Rebecca Lee

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

Buying a home in Ireland is harder than it's ever been. For first time buyers who are going solo and single applicants for a mortgage, the journey can be even harder! Our guest today, Rebecca recently went through that journey and bought her first home... As a single applicant!

Rebecca didn't avail of the bank of mum and dad, didn't receive any big inheritance and doesn't have Pat Kenny's salary. So how did she do it?

That's what this episode is all about. Rebecca brings us through her journey, the sacrifices she made, the hard decisions she took along the way and most importantly, getting her home!

Rebecca's story first appeared in the Irish Times in March of this year. The positive message and story she had caught my attention straight away so I was delighted and extremely grateful she could join us on the podcast.

This episode will give a lot of people hope and shares the message that there is light at the end of the tunnel. No matter your situation, you can do it!

If you'd like to read Rebecca's original story in the Irish Times you can check it out here --> Irish Times Story

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The Get House Podcast is a podcast by and our team. We really hope you enjoy it and that it helps you along your house buying journey. If you have any topics or questions you would like us to cover in a future episode you can email and we’ll do our best to make that happen for you.


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