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What do I do with my structural survey after I have received it?

This might seem like a straight forward question, but if you've never bought a house before why would you know!

Read the report!

Remember, the survey is for your benefit to make sure you are fully informed about the condition of the property before signing contracts. So, the very first think you should do is read it! Take out 30 mins, grab a cup of tea or coffee and have a good read through the report - don't just scan it.

Take particular note of Condition Rating 2 or 3s and and advice in Condition Rating 1s.

Condition Rating 3s are issues which are deemed urgent, costly or serious enough for you to consider before you sign contracts.

If there are any parts of the report which you need more information on, give your surveyor a call and chat through it with them.

Share with your solicitor

The surveyor will comment on what certs are required for the property and any alterations like extensions or conversions. If your solicitor has not done so already, they will then need to request these from the vendor's solicitor.

In addition if your solicitor has requested the boundaries to be checked against a map, the surveyor will make any comments on this in the report.

If your bank have requested a structural survey, send to your broker or mortgage advisor.

Only do this IF YOUR BANK HAVE REQUESTED A SURVEY. If they have not, there is no point in sending it to them as if there is something on the report they do not like the look of, you may have to jump through some hoops before your mortgage will be released.

Make your Decision!

Remember the purpose of a survey to to make sure you are fully informed before you sign contracts.

After you have read through, you can then decide if there are any issues identified which would make you walk away from the purchase, or if you decide to proceed, you can then sign those contracts with confidence!


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