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What does a Structural Survey cover?

Despite it's name, a "Structural Survey" doesn't just focus on the structure of the property. The structural element is arguably the most important and is what most people are concerned about, but there is more to it.

Here's a quick overview of what you can expect from a structural survey:


The surveyor will be looking out for any signs of potential defects with the walls, roof, chimney, foundations (presenting above ground) and grounds of the property.

This includes viewing the roof from ground level outside and getting into the attic space to look at the internal condition.

General Internal Condition

An overview of the condition and a list of any issues identified inside the property. These could be issues caused by poor maintenance or just issues caused by general wear and tear. Most of the time these issues will be minor, but you should still be aware of them before signing contracts to avoid any unexpected repairs.

General External Condition

The surveyor will comment on the condition of exterior elements, including gutters, downpipes, external decoration, condition of the grounds, boundaries etc.


The surveyor will note the location of and type of services which the property has, including water (mains or well), wastewater (public or septic tank), electricity board/meter, heating type etc.

Changes to Property

The survey should note if there are any identifiable alterations to the property including extensions, conversions, porches, driveway extensions etc. and give their opinion on whether or not they need a certificate of compliance with planning or a certificate of exemption.

Insulation Levels

The surveyor will comment on the insulation levels in the attic, the likely insulation of the external walls and if the widows and doors are in good condition.

Boundary Concerns

The surveyor will flag if there are any potential issues with encroachment, overhang or right of way and if any services can not be located within the boundary.

If your solicitor supplies a folio map before the survey takes place, the surveyor can also comment on whether or not the physical boundaries at the property match the map.

Want to see a Sample Report?

To see a full list of everything included in a survey and to see a sample report, check out this post: What is included in a survey?

Sale Agreed and Ready to Book a Survey?

To book your survey, just go to, click on "Get Survey Now" and complete the short booking form. Once done, we'll have a surveyor assigned within an hour or so, they will then contact the agent to confirm a time and day and we keep you updated at every single step!


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