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What is a Snag List?

If you've bought a second hand home you may never have come across a snag list, however if you're buying a brand new house this is your chance to make the perfect home for you, imperfection free!

You can spend months, a year, or even longer waiting on a new build to be completed, so no doubt you'll be on tender hooks waiting for that call from the builder or developer to say your new home is ready.

But theres one very important thing you'll need to do before that moving truck is booked, and that's a snag list.

In an ideal world when you finally get the call to say your forever home is ready you could move in straight away, but more often than not there's always something that needs to be finished, fixed or replaced.

This is where your snag list comes into play.

You can do a snag list yourself bur realistically if this is your first time or have very little knowledge of whats important to look out for you are definitely better off calling in the professionals.

A surveyor, an architect or a structural engineer will be qualified to produce a snag list that wont just address defects or finish issues but also insure there are no health and safety compliance issues which are far more important.

Your snag list will come in the form of a report that will contain a list of all the issues for the builder to address along with any health and safety compliance or building regulation concerns the surveyor may have come across.

Snag lists can range from a few minor issues such as unfinished paint work or scuff marks on walls to more serious issues like upstairs windows not meeting fire safety regulations.

At all of our snag lists are conducted by qualified and experienced surveyors so you can rest assured you are getting the highest quality of service.

To arrange your snag list click here to book with one of our surveyors.


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