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Who arranges access to the property?

That's a really simple one, we do!

Once you book your survey, we'll have a surveyor assigned within a couple of hours. The surveyor will then contact the estate agent or vendor (for a private sale), and arrange a time and date to access the property.

At each stage of this process, our survey tracker will keep you updated so you know the exact status of your survey.

Survey tracker showing the customer a surveyor is assigned

Survey tracker showing the survey is booked. The rest of the message confirms the time and date the site visit will take place.

All this means less work for you in arranging a time and less work chasing down updates!

We work hard to ensure our service is efficient and part of that is crystal-clear communication and updates so you don't need to go chasing down updates.


If you want to book your survey with us, just go to and click on "Get Survey Now"!


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