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Who pays for a pre purchase structural survey?

In Ireland, the cost of a pre purchase structural survey falls to the buyer. This is because in Ireland, the vendor does not have to disclose any known issues with the property and so it is entirely the buyer's responsibility to do due diligence on the condition of the property.

So, if you are sale agreed and want a structural survey complete then you'll have to pay the cost of the survey.

There are however a few pros with this approach. If you, as a buyer, are paying for the survey yourself, then the surveyor is working entirely for your benefit. Not for the vendor, agent, bank or any other party.

In some other countries, the buyer is required to have a "seller's survey" complete and ready to share with any interested buyers. However, as it is not in the interest for the vendors to have a very detailed survey complete, the surveys end up being conducted to the minimum legal standard. As a result, many buyer end up paying for their own survey anyway.

At we are working entirely on your behalf and have no financial or other interest with any other party. You'l receive one of he most detailed pre purchase structural surveys in the market that will let you either sign the contracts and buy with confidence or have the knowledge you need to pull out of the sale.

To book your survey, just go to and click on "Get Survey Now".


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