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Why does charge upfront?

Taking payment up front helps us to speed up the turnaround time of surveys by eliminating the need for bank transfers and some admin work.

Here at our success has been based on a number of factors. Our customer care, our transparency, also the experience all of our team and surveyors bring to the company.

But one of the major elements to creating such a high standard of customer satisfaction has been down to our lightning speed turnaround time for our property surveys.

By taking full payment upfront, we eliminate the need for manual invoicing, dealing with bank transfers, chasing down payments etc.

Once the customer has filled in the online form they will then be brought to the payment screen where they can pay by debit or credit card. When this has been done, you’re done and we take it from there!

Once your payment has been received we assign your surveyor. The surveyor will then contact the estate agent to arrange access to the property. Then as soon as your surveyor has typed up and signed off on your report it's emailed straight to you. No waiting and no asking for bank transfers!

Our average turnaround time is currently just under 5 business days which is currently the fastest in Ireland.

This is why taking payment upfront works, and why we have been able to help our customers get across the finish line as quickly as possible, and when our customers are happy so are we!


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