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Will the surveyor check if the boiler and heating are working?

This is another common question we get. The answer is simply, yes! The surveyor will turn on the boiler while they are at the property and ensure it fires up and starts heating the radiators.

If for any reason the boiler does not fire up or does not appear to heat the radiators, it will be noted on the written report.

The surveyor will also check for some kind of service record. These are usually recorded on the boiler with a label dated and signed by the RGI (Registered Gas Installer) technician who performed the service. If there is no service history visible, the surveyor will recommend having the boiler serviced.

Comments on heating from a recent survey. The heating was working fine but no service history available.

If there are any visible signs of damage like a cracked case, unsecured pipes or loose-fitting vent, the surveyor will note that on the written report. However, as surveyors are not RGI certified, they can not open the boiler in any way to inspect or perform any kind of maintenance on it.


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