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Will the surveyor check the roof?

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

The quick answer to this one is yes! The surveyor will view the roof from ground level, and they will also view the inside of the roof from the attic to access the condition of the structure.

What will the surveyor be looking out for with the roof?

When viewing the property from ground level, the surveyor will be assessing the overall condition. They'll look to see if there are any visible signs of sagging, if there are any loose tiles, if the chimney is free of cracks and if the flashing looks in good condition. They'll also observe the gutters and fascia and soffits to see if there are any visible issues.

If the surveyor is able to access the attic, they will check to see that the timbers (the wooden structure holding up the roof) is in good condition, with no signs of rotting, sagging or damage. They'll also check to see if there is any visible damage to the felt or visible signs of leaks. While inside the attic, they will also ensure that the party wall is up to fire safety standards.

If any issues, concerns or risks are noted, the surveyor will comment on these in the written report.

An example of a surveyors comments on a roof with damaged

An example of a surveyors comments on a chimney in good condition.

Can the surveyor tell me if the roof needs to be replaced?

In some cases yes, in other cases they may recommend further investigation by a specialist roofing company. It really depends on the issue/damage spotted by the surveyor.


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