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5 Best Places for Interior Design Ideas for Irish Homes

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

So you've just viewed a property or you are just about close the deal and you want to picture the potential for the house. You want to imagine what it could look like once you get in and get your hands on it.

Of course you do! This will be your home and you want to be sure you can make it beautiful and functional for you and your family.

We've all been there over the last few years. Finding ideas can be hard, but they are out there! From low-cost ideas to inspiration from mega-mansions, here are our top 5 tips for getting interior design inspiration for your home.


1: Property Websites and Apps, and have literally thousands of properties around Ireland for sale and rent. Some of these properties need a lot of TLC, but others are beautifully decorated and full of ideas to inspire you.

Our top tip for using these websites or apps is to look at homes in the same estate or development as the property you are buying. That way you can see what people have done do homes with the same layout as your future home.

[Bonus Tip] if you want to tease yourself by looking inside some of Beverly Hills and New York's finest homes, check out the website or app!

2: Website and App

Houzz is something I have been using for years and is my personal favourite on this list.

With Houzz, you can search by room or keyword. So, if you are looking for ideas for a contemporary kitchen, simply select "Kitchens", filter by "contemporary" and you'll have access to thousands and thousands of kitchen ideas.

With Houzz you also have then benefit of creating "idea books" which you can save your favourite ideas to.

I've taken ideas from Houzz and used them for my garden, home office, and kitchen!

3: Pinterest

If you haven't got on the Pinterest bandwagon yet, designing your home is the perfect excuse. It's quick and simple to use and like all of these ideas, free!

Just like Houzz, you can have idea books where you can "pin" your favourite images. The added bonus with Pinterest is that you can pin content from other websites too!

My wife uses Pinterest for ideas for our home as well as ideas for arts and crafts with our daughters. We can't recommend it enough!

4: Grand Designs TV Show

If I had to choose one TV show to watch forever, it would be Grand Designs.

If you've never watched it, each episode follows a family on the journey of building their dream home. Most of the time this involves a brand new build or fully renovating an existing property. But you get to see the full journey including how they design the inside of the house and garden.

The show is a great mix of budget builds and designs to floating houses, underground houses, and houses built on the side of cliffs. It really is remarkable watching some of these unfold.

Grand Designs can be found on More4 most weekdays around 8 pm. The perfect time to sit down with a cup of tea after dinner and take in some ideas! It's spin-off Show Grand Designs Australia is also on More4 and a few other channels too.

5: YouTube

I use YouTube for everything from learning how to change my air filter in my car, to learning to build my own raised garden beds.

For home and garden, there are literally millions of videos showing you great ideas and some "how to's". If you are looking for modern bathroom ideas, just search for "modern bathroom ideas". If you create an account you can save your favourite videos.

If you find something you really like, remember to subscribe to the person's channels and like their video to support them!


Remember, buying your home can seem daunting and stressful. Picturing what the end product could be and getting excited about it is a great way to deal with that stress and get your creative juices flowing.

So what are you waiting for? Pick one of the above options and start picturing your dream home!

(Remember to comment below to share your own sources of inspiration!)

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