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Do I need a Building Survey when buying my new home?

Updated: Jul 29, 2021

If you are starting to look for a property to buy, Perfect Property, has thousands of homes across Ireland for sale.

Yes. When buying a home in Ireland, most banks or financial institutions will require the buyer to have a Building Survey complete once they go sale agreed. Unlike getting a BER cert complete, it is the responsibility of the buyer to have the Building Survey complete.

A Building Survey (also know as 'Structural Survey', 'Building Inspection', 'House Survey',

or 'Pre-purchase Survey') is a visual inspection which gives the buyer a report on the condition of the property. It includes comments on any planning matters and conditions of boundaries. It will also highlight any defects which are spotted including damp and structural cracks and can suggest options in terms of remedial work.

Apart from being a bank requirement, even if you are buying with cash it is still a very good idea to have a Building Survey complete. This is because unlike most other purchases, standard buyer protection does not apply when buying a house. Therefore the legal principle of Buyer Beware will come into play should any defects come to light after the sale is complete.

If any defects or planning issues are highlighted, the buyer will have the opportunity to not continue with the sale or to renegotiate the sale price. Depending on what is found, the bank may also make a decision to not release the mortgage for that particular property.

The quickest and easiest way to have a Building Survey complete is to book one with Get House Survey. We only work with qualified surveyors who work to the highest standard. We have fixed prices of €549 (incl. vat) for a property under 200m2 and €649 (incl. VAT) for a large property between 200m2 and 350m2. No other hidden charges and a quick turnaround time.


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