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Does a seller have to allow a survey to be conducted?

Does the seller have to let a survey be conducted?

This is a question that comes up every so often, and the simple answer is no.

The seller does not have to allow for a survey to be conducted.

The seller has the right to refuse access to the property, however, if the seller won’t let you have the house surveyed then you have to ask yourself why?

The most common reason for sellers being reluctant to allow a property to be surveyed is because there is a known issue which they do not want the Surveyor to discover.

The seller may also want to slow play parties involved or they may not even want to sell their home at all and are being forced to through some circumstances beyond their control.

If you encounter a situation where a seller is reluctant to allow you to have a survey conducted, don’t feel pressured to sign any contracts.

Speak with your solicitor, they will either help facilitate access or may advise not to proceed with the sale.

Either way you will get the answers you need.

When buying a property you need reassurance that you’re making the right decision, after all this is a huge commitment and that’s what a survey is there for, to give you peace of mind.


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