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Does the surveyor check the boundaries during a survey?

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

Yes, while on the property the surveyor will check the boundaries and comment on the condition of boundary structures like walls, fences, and gates and they will also comment on any potential issues like encroachment or overhang which your solicitor would need to be aware of.

Checking the Folio Maps

A surveyor does not conduct a search for a folio map, but if this is provided by your solicitor before the survey takes place, the surveyor will visually check the boundaries to ensure they appear to match the map and flag any potential issues. This is a visual check only and the surveyor does not use any GPS or other mapping equipment.

Are the services within the boundary?

Another element that most people do not realise is that the surveyor will check to ensure any services like wells, septic tanks, oil tanks etc. are located within the property boundaries. This is why the surveyor will have a picture of and note the location of these on the report.

If any of these services are not within the property boundaries, your solicitor will need to ensure there are legal provisions in place to guarantee access for maintenance and repair. This is more common with rural properties which shared wells or septic tanks but can also happen on urban properties which have been split into 2 smaller properties.


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