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Get House Survey makes it easy for you to track the status of your survey!

We quickly discovered that one of the biggest challenges faced by home buyers is trying to keep track of everything during the sale agreed process.

Once you go sale agreed, you will be engaging with the estate agent, solicitor, insurance provider, bank/broker, valuer and surveyor... It's a lot of people and processes to keep track of, and that's only for a straightforward sale!

So at we decided to make it easy for you to keep track of your survey by providing updates at each stage and clear next steps. Have you ever ordered a pizza and followed the live tracker? It's kind of like that, but for a survey (and we won't fill a late-night craving for cheesy goodness!).

This means that when you book with you'll always know the exact status of your survey and you won't need to go chasing us down for updates.

It's House Surveys Made Easy!

In addition to this, we;

  • Are the highest-reviewed surveyors of 2022 in Ireland

  • Have the fastest turnaround time in Ireland

  • Publish our prices right on our homepage and don't make you fill out forms or call for quotes.

We've built with you in mind!

To book your survey with us, just go to and click "Get Survey Now".

If you are not sale agreed yet and still researching a property, make sure you check out our sister company where you can get a 25-page report packed full of research on the property.


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