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How we ensure a quality service!

Over the last 5 years, Get House Survey has quickly grown to become one of the largest and mots reputable surveyors in the country. We achieved this by focusing on delivering an excellent product for our customers which far exceeds their expectations.

There are hundreds of small details, processes and decisions we make to deliver this, but the following is a list of the key elements which helps us to ensure a quality service.

Advanced Survey Format & Detail

Our surveys format uses the SCSI Type 2 format as a base, but then brings in many additional elements to increase the overall scope and value of the survey.

This means the scope of our surveys far exceeds the industry standard and when our customers receive their survey, they have a very clear picture of the condition of the property which gives them the information they need to proceed and sign contracts, conduct further investigations or pull out of the sale.


Our surveyors have an average of 18 years experience conducting residential surveys. This gives them a huge amount insight into a whole range of defects and where to look for them.


Our surveyor conduct a maximum of 8-10 surveys per week. Most companies will have surveyors conducting 12-15 per week. The reason we made this decision is because we wanted our surveyors to:

  • Have sufficient time at each property without thinking about rushing to the next job.

  • Have time to thoughtfully and thoroughly complete the written report without spending evenings and weekends typing reports.

  • Have time to speak with customers and handle any follow up queries from banks or solicitors.

  • Have a great work/life balance.

Knowledge Sharing

Our surveyors regularly meet to review surveys, share their experience and offer feedback on how it could potential be improved.

This ensures that even though our surveys are already conducted to a high standard, we are still always seeking ways to improve and deliver a better product for our customers.

In addition, we encourage open communication between our surveys in the field. So if a surveyor is at a property or has just completed a survey and wants a second option, they always have someone experienced on hand.

Unbeatable Customer Service

In a past career, I led a customer service team in one of the largest companies in the country. From there I learned the value of truly excellent customers service. This is a lesson we have engrained into every element of

  • We're available when you need us over 7 days by Phone or Email and 5 days by live chat. We're also available on all our social channels and Whatsapp.

  • Our Survey Tracker keeps you updated at each step showing you the progress and next steps so you'll never need to go chasing an update.

  • We have upfront, transparent pricing so you don't need to go answering 100 questions just to get a quote. are the leading providers of pre purchase structural surveys in Ireland.
Get House Survey Service

Our Goal: To help you buy with confidence

Our goal, is to help you buy with confidence and every decision we make as a company keeps this in mind.

To book your survey with us, just go to and click on "Get Survey Now".

Shortly after booking we'll have a surveyor assigned and then they will contact the estate agent to confirm a time/date and we keep you updated at every step.


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