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Introducing: Planning Searches!

When you are buying a home, your solicitor will take care of planning searches for the property you are buying. This is part of the conveyancing process.

But what if your solicitor can not conduct the search or you need to do a planning search outside of the usual process? Well, at we are now offering Planning Searches as one of our services.

What does a Planning Search Include?

  • Comprehensive Property Registration Authority (PRA) folio, Names Index and Mapping Searches in a report format

  • Carry out Registry of Deeds searches of all kinds for our clients

  • Our Planning reports are the most comprehensive in the marketplace

  • Turnaround time 5-7 business days

How can I book a Planning Search?

To book a planning search, simply go to THIS PAGE and click on "Get Planning Search".

Do I need a Planning Search when buying a property?

Yes, but it is usually the responsibility of the solicitor to facilitate this service. In some cases, if a solicitor is unable to perform this search or you need a planning search outside of the house buying process, we can help with this!

Is a Planning Search included with a Pre-Purchase House Survey?

No, a house survey and a planning search are two separate services.

How much is a Planning Search?

A planning search will cost €299 including vat.


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