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The Importance of Fire Proofing on the Party Wall

Updated: May 9

A lot of people do not realise it, but the party wall (that's the wall you share with your neighbour) should be completely intact with no gaps right up to the roof tiles and should be capped with a fire proof material.

This is vital to ensure that if a fire breaks out in one property it will not spread to the next via the roof. This helps to ensure fires are contained, fewer people are at risk and damage from fires is limited.

On a pre-purchase survey, once the surveyor is able to access the attic and view the party wall, they will take note if there are any visible gaps. If there are, they'll mention this on the report and recommend fireproofing takes place.

An example of a party wall which needs fireproofing from a recent report

On occasion, if your mortgage provider request to see a pre-purchase survey, they may decline to release the funds until fireproofing has taken place. This is more common with local authorities who provide the Local Authority Home Loans.

Although older properties may be exempt from this building regulation, if you do choose to buy a property with inadequate fireproofing on the party wall, it is highly recommended that you complete this work before moving in.

If you are buying a house and want to book your pre-purchase survey, just go to and select a house or apartment survey.

Need Fire Stopping Installed?

If you have house with no fire stopping and you want to have it installed, we recommend reaching out to AR Firebreak on or 0852831748.

The will be able to offer a range of solutions based on the roof structure, age of the property etc.

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