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When should I book my Pre Purchase House Survey?

Updated: May 19, 2022

Generally, a house survey should be booked as early as possible after you go sale agreed and you have had your initial chat with your solicitor.

Check out this clip from a recent podcast that explains it!

When you go sale agreed, a large number of activities start happening. Your solicitor gets involved and starts dealing with the vendor's solicitor to get everything in order, you start to negotiate a closing date, and you start working with your bank to turn your approval in principle into a mortgage offer. It's a busy time!

The worst-case scenario would be you get a few days from your closing date and discover there is a major issue with the property which may make you want to renegotiate the price, or even pull out of the sale.

By booking a house survey as soon as possible, you ensure that you get the full picture of the condition of the property which will help to make your decision on whether or not to continue the sale and sign contracts.

For most properties, getting the survey completed early will just give you the green light to continue with the sale. The reassurance that the property is in good condition and is unlikely to throw up any nasty surprises. But if the survey does highlight any major issues, you will have plenty of time to access the situation and decide what you want to do, before you have invested time into the sale and built your hopes up.


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