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Why do I need a certificate of exemption?

Updated: Apr 11

Seller's will often find out during the sale of their property that they need a Certificate of Exemption when the buyer's solicitor requests one for an alteration to the property.

What is a Certificate of Exemption?

A Certificate of Exemption is a legal document produced and signed by an Architect, Architectural Technologist, Engineer or Building Surveyor which verifies that the alteration which was made to the property does not require planning permission and so is "exempt".

An example of this could be an attic conversion which does not change the structure of the roof and has only rear facing windows, a rear extension under 40sq m or a porch of 2sq m or less.

What if I don't have a Certificate of Exemption?

If there have been any alterations made to the property, then you will have to have a Certificate of Exemption produced. This would involve an Architect, Architectural Technologist, Engineer or Building Surveyor to visit the property and inspect the work. If, in their opinion, the work does not require planning permission, they will

Need a Certificate of Exemption?

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