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Why do Local Authorities request a Condition Report before issuing a Local Authority Home Loan?

In some cases, depending on the type of property and the Local Authority, buyers may be requested to have a Condition Report conducted on the property and provided before drawdown.

For example:

  • On properties over 100 years old

  • On properties in areas with known issues

  • On the advice of the valuer

  • At the discretion of the person in the Local Authority approving the loan.

This "Condition Report" will provide the bank with an overview of the condition property, confirming if it has any structural issues or not and let them know what work is urgently required.

If there are any serious issues identified, the Local Authority may either refuse to issue the loan against the property or ask you to confirm you have the funds to address the issues.

This is their way of ensuring the asset which secures your loan will be suitable to resell if for any reason they need to repossess the property from you.

What is a "Condition Report"?

In this context, a Condition Report is an inspection conducted by a Building Surveyor, Engineer, Architect or Architectural Technologist which gives an overview of the current condition of the property from structural condition to any issues caused by poor maintenance and general wear and tear.

This report is the same as an SCSI Type 2 report which is sometimes called Building Survey, Structural Survey, Engineer's Report, Architects Report, House Survey, Property Survey etc.

Who can conduct a Condition Report?

The survey will need to be conducted by one of the above professions with membership of a governing body for their profession and they should be covered by PI Insurance with a minimum cover of €1m.

If my Local Authority don't request a Condition Report, should I still need to get one?

YES! Although there my be no "requirement" to get a survey/condition report, it is still strongly advised to have once complete. This is because there is an endless list of issues you may not be aware of which a trained surveyor might identify.

Once you sign contracts there is no legal come back if you discover issues and so you should do ever piece of due diligence you can before signing.

Are Get House Survey's Reports Accepted by Local Authorities?

Yes, our surveyors all meet the requirements of all lenders in Ireland, including Local Authorities and our reports exceed the minimum standards accepted.

To book your survey in just 2 minutes, go to and click on "Get Survey Now".


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