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Can I attend the house survey?

We get this question a lot! With the housing process so slow in Ireland, buyers are generally eager to find out if the property they are interested in has any defects and want to see them for themselves.

Going to speak to the surveyor straight after he has completed the survey seems like a good way to do this. But is it allowed?


Normal Circumstances = Yes (but speak to your surveyor first for a time)

During Covid = No

Some Details

During Covid, our surveyors are working within the Covid guidelines and so they are unable to bring you on a walkthrough of the property after the survey is complete to show you any defects. They can speak to you outside the property and go into as much detail as you need, but unfortunately, that is currently it.

Under normal circumstances, buyers can attend once the survey is complete and the surveyor can go through any defects found.

However, please don't turn up when the survey is due to start, speak to your surveyor beforehand and get an estimated time for when they think they will be finished.

While conducting the survey the Surveyor needs to be 100% focused on the job at hand to ensure they spot as much detail as possible.

Pro Tip: A lot of people use this as an opportunity to get an extra sneaky viewing in!

Our co-founder Noel, discussed this in a recent episode of The Get House Podcast. Here is the clip!

If you need any more detail, be sure to message us and we will be happy to help!


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