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Since we started back in 2018, we've always made a huge effort to spend local where we can.

  • The surveyors we partner with are all based in and pay tax in Ireland. i.e. we don't spend money on contractors from the UK.

  • Our media agency is local (in the same building actually!).

  • Our accountants are Irish based.

  • Our marketing material is printed by a local company.

  • We eat out locally!

  • Even the company we buy our branded clothing from is based in Dublin.

Even though we can get most of these services cheaper in other counties, we think this is hugely important to spend local. This means every €100 we spend stays in the local economy. It helps to pay staff, pay for materials and supplies, (hopefully form other Irish companies), pay for other services and help those business to grow.

We also work closely with our local enterprise office, get involved in their events to help support local businesses and work with other members.

For us, being a Guaranteed Irish company is more than just about being based in Ireland, it's about being part of and contributing to our local community and in doing so helping to make things better for everyone!

So when you get your survey through you can be sure your hard earned money is being spend on a company who is passionate about supporting our local economy.


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