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In Ireland, it's can be common practice for some companies to give "kick backs" to other companies who recommend them. For example. if a solicitor recommends an architect to produce a certificate of compliance, the architect will often pay the solicitor for the referral.

A lot of the time, once parties are transparent, this can be fine. The solicitor makes extra money, the architect gets extra business and the buyer gets a faster service. However, depending on companies, this can sometimes result a conflict of interest.

This is why we decided in the very early days of Get House Survey to avoid this practice and so we do not pay any kind of referral fee or kick back to estate agents, banks, brokers or solicitors. This was in an effort to ensure we do not encounter any potential conflict of interest and can fully and correctly state we work entirely on behalf of the buyer.

Get House Survey is working entirely on behalf of the buyer

How can there be a conflict of interest?

In the case of a house sale. The estate agent is working on behalf of the vendor and we (the surveyor) are working on behalf of the buyer. If we were to pay a kickback or referral fee to the estate agent, then we are now financially linked to a company who is working on behalf of the opposing party in a contract negotiation.

This would introduce a clear conflict of interest.

Why do Estate Agents recommend Get House Survey?

This is simply down to the efficiency, speed and reliability of our service. Because we have one of the fastest turnaround times in Ireland, estate agents know the buyer will be able to get the survey turned around faster which will result in the sale closing sooner.

So, Estate Agents do have a vested interest in recommending us (a faster sale), however, there is no financial incentive for them to do so and we do not pay them any kind of a referral, "kick back" or "rev share" of any kind.

Likewise, numerous solicitors and brokers will also recommend us. This is again due to the fact they know they are recommending a reliable service to their client which will result in a smoother sale agreed process. We also do not pay any kind of referral, "kick back" or "rev share" to any solicitors, banks or brokers.

A Truly Independent Surveyor!

This practice has enabled us to remain fully independent and not financially linked to any other party in the house buying process. So when you book with us, you know you are getting a surveyor who is working entirely on your behalf.

To book your survey, just go to and click on "Get Survey Now".


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