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How much is a Pre-Purchase Structural Survey?

When you are buying a second hand home, in most cases you will need a "Type 2" Survey. This goes by several names including Building Survey, Structural Survey, Engineer's Report, Architect's Report, House Survey, Property Survey etc.

Regardless of the name of the survey it should be conducted to a minimum of a Type 2 Standard. At our surveys exceed this level and are among the most detailed in the country.

Structural Survey Prices

Apartment Survey

Any Size Apartment: €599 including vat (€487+vat)

House Surveys

Houses up to 175 square m: €699 including vat (€568+vat)

Houses 176 to 300sq m: €799 including vat (€650+vat)

For houses above 300sq meters, just email us with the property address and any additional information you have and we'll get back to you with a price!

How much does a pre purchase structural survey cost?
Structural Survey Prices

How to book a structural survey?

Booking a survey takes just 2 minutes. Just go to, select your property size, then fill out the short form and payment.

Within an hour or two of booking, we'll have a surveyor assigned and then they will contact the estate agent to confirm a time and day. We send you an update at each step so you always know the status of your survey!


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