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Need a survey within 7 days? We've got you covered!

Updated: Jan 28

It's becoming more and more common for requests to be put on buyers to have a surveyor and valuation done within 1-2 weeks. of going sale agreed.

The main reason estate agents will request this is so that if any issues are flagged by either the surveyor or valuer that would cause you to pull out are found early in the process and so not too much time has been taken.

While the intentions here do not have any sinister motivations, the impact can be unnecessary pressure put on the buyer. If you are struggling to find someone to do a survey or valuation, or you are waiting on go ahead from your solicitor before booking, simply explain that to the agent. Generally once they know you are progressing things, they will be fine.

If you do find yourself under presssure and need a survey turned around quickly, at our average turanround time is just 4.5 working days so chances are we'll have you covered!

For Dublin, Kildare, Louth & Meath we very rarely take more than 1 week, but if you are under partucilar pressure feel free to give us a call on 015392688 or email on

To book, just go to and click on "Get Survey Now".

While we can't control everything in your house buying journey, we'll do our part help you get across the finish line as fast as possible!

Our efficient service will help you get across the line and into your home
Crossing the line


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