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Should I get a Structural Survey on an Apartment?

Updated: Jan 27

Yes! Apartment are just as prone to issues as houses and so buying one without it being inspected by a professional increases your chances of buying an apartment with issues which could present a problem down the line.

Just like houses, once you sign the contracts for an apartment, it is yours an in the exact condition you bought it. So if you do discover any major issues you will have no legal recourse.

During a survey, your surveyor will be looking for any signs of potential structural issues inside and out, they'll be looking out for any issues which are caused by poor maintenance and general wear and tear.

A Structural Survey is an important step in buying a second hand apartment in Ireland and can help avoid unexpected surprises down the road.
Apartment Survey

For apartments, they'll also comment on how the apartment is accesses (your solicitor will want to know there are no issues with access), if the apartment meets the basic fire safety requirements (smoke detectors, fire doors, means of escape etc.) and comment on common areas.

At our Apartment surveys meet the requirements of all banks and lenders and cost just €599 including vat (€487+vat). To book your apartmenr survey now, just fill out this form: Apartment Survey Booking Form


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