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Structural Surveys in Celbridge

Celbridge is one of our busiest towns for survey requests. In fact, over the last few years, we've conducted over 300 surveys in and around the town. From the historic village to the new A Rated estates on either side of the river.

The town is one of the fastest growing in Ireland and it's close proximity to Dublin and wide range of amenities makes it a perfect location for commuters or families and hosue prices are noticibley lower than inside Dublin. Here is a post on our sister site giving more information on Celbridge and what it has to offer:

We have a big advantage as our lead surveyor lives just 10 minutes away in Leixlip and so knows the area very well and one of our owners, Noel, also lived in Celbridge for a year a few years ago so also has a good knowledge of the area.

Our head office is also just 15-20 minutes away.

Because of our close proximity to Celbridge, we can also ensure we offer a fast turnaround time and it is very rare for a survey to take more than 4-5 working days.

In addition, to our turnaround time, you're also getting one of the most advanced surveys and most experienced surveyors in Ireland.

So, if you are sale agreed and need a survey in Celbridge, just go to now and book in 2 minutes! You'll be glad you did.


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